Engaging and experienced consultant in performance management, change management and process improvement.

Able to work at all levels in an organization to align process improvement work with your strategic aims.

If you need to:

  •  refocus your company in hard times…or plan expansion in good
  •  overcome middle-management resistance to change
  • re-engage your teams
  •  improve efficiency or performance
  • resolve long-standing employment relation issues
  • get complex problems and staff morale issues to disappear (for good)

…then I can help!

Working with companies from small to large – one-man (or woman) -bands to the largest employer in Europe – anyone who seeks a shift in their own or their organization’s capacity to improve and perform.

I can get a clear view of where you are and where you need to be and will painlessly help you to move from one position to the other.

I get satisfaction from being an engaging and challenging facilitator with a talent for helping people to see situations, problems and opportunities from a fresh perspective.

My aim is to transfer skills to my clients, so that they can continue to improve when the project is finished and carry on doing it themselves.

I particularly like working with organizations whose focus is to improve the lives of fellow citizens e.g. public sector, healthcare, education, third sector.


Performance Management, Systems Thinking, Change Management, Agile Methodologies, Business Improvement, Positive Psychology, Fairy Godmothering